Quartier Latin

As a young musician growing up in Paris, one of my pastimes was riding the Metro and stopping at ile De Notre Dame and crossing the bridge over la Seine to the Latin Quarter (Quartier Latin / see map). I was always captivated by the street performers; you could hear the sounds of accordion and Chansoniers  along with other street artists like mimes and painters. But it was the sound of the instruments that intrigued me the most. This CD was inspired by all that.  Later in life I was in Paris at the Quartier Latin which now is known for it's night life of jazz clubs, restaurants, etc.
So I decided re-visit my halcyon days and write this songs remembering my youth, my loves, my passions as a young musician in Paris.  I look forward to bringing you back there with me!
Bon Chance
Artwork: Cafe Du Quartier Latin Paris France / Frederic Payet  I do not own this images nor do I make any income from it's posting

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